Terms and Conditions


  • This agreement is between Avalon International Ltd (Avalon) and the Customer. These Terms & Conditions will not override the Terms & Conditions that have been signed by the Customer and Avalon.
  • Where the Customer buys indirectly from Avalon through a Wholesaler, Avalon agrees to follow the instructions of the customer for delivery of goods subject to consent from the Wholesaler. These Terms & Conditions will not in anyway override the Terms & Conditions that have been signed between the Customer and the Wholesaler.
  • All orders accepted by Avalon are subject to both these Terms & Conditions and the Current Terms and Conditions contained in the Application for Trading & Credit Account. (Download if Required)

Images on Website

  • Images displayed on the website are representative only. Actual colours and assortments may vary from image displayed. Consistency between shipments is not always possible or expected. Be sure to ask one of our team to check if these details of colour or assortment are important to you.

Prices and Stock Availability

  • Prices displayed on this Website are exclusive of G.S.T.
  • Avalon reserves the right to change the prices without notice. Stock quantities are updated overnight and stock may be depleted during the day without the website knowing exact quantities.

Caution when Signing for Delivery

  • Legally, the goods are yours when you sign for them. Count the number of cartons received! Look for signs of crushing, damage, water damage or theft! Advise your driver of any problems. Mark Ticket or Proof of Delivery Sheet with any problems noted. Signing for goods without any notes makes you liable for damage caused by courier. Always record problems on run sheet or electronic device!
  • Contact Avalon for help to make a claim. Do it now! Couriers will try to exclude any claim over 7 days old.


  • Delivery shall be made to the address stored on our Website. Please advise if you have any special delivery instructions. Freight free minimums are determined by your location and are as agreed with your wholesale rep.
  • Upon receipt of your order, it is processed and placed in a priority queue. Your order normally leaves within three working days of receipt.
  • Transit times vary from next day in Auckland up to five working to South Island. Faster options are available if you prefer and costs to do so can be discussed with your rep.
  • Couriers and freight forwarders are sub contracted by Avalon. They are paid to deliver goods to your door. They respond to kindness but cannot be expected to deliver beyond your door.


  • If your account is overdue or credit limit exceeded you will be notified. Delivery will not take place until payment is made to resolve the problem. (Your order has not been placed in a priority queue at this stage.)
  • Failure to make payment, may mean that your account is turned over to a debt collection company. Additional costs will be incurred by you in this process.
  • In all cases, you are best to talk to us or your rep to resolve any payment issues.


  • Please advise immediately upon discovering a product fault. By Phone (09) 839 2160 or  email claims@avalonint.co.nz.  Our terms exclude claims made after seven working days after receipt of goods.
  • Any goods returned, must be in same condition as supplied. Goods marked with prices may only be credited at our discretion and can be subject to a re-work charge.

Overseas deliveries

  • We can quote you our prices and delivery costs so you can do your costings.
  • Extra costs may arise from border control and Custom's operations in your country. These may include inspection, Duty, V.A.T. and unknown other expenses. These are unpredictable and therefore unknown to Avalon. Please familiarize yourself with these potential costs in your jurisdiction and note you are liable to pay for them. Avalon will not accept returns due to these costs.

 Intellectual Property

  • Avalon spends large sums on product design to ensure that the products sell well. These original designs are protected by registered and unregistered trademarks or copyright. You agree not to infringe these intellectual property rights. Avalon reserves the right to actively defend these assets.