Craft Value Feathers Asst 14gm/86pc


A value pack of assorted feathers. This product is a pack containing 9 polybags of feathers. Each polybag contains approximately 14g worth of 1 type of feather. All polybags packed into 1 large polybag.

Feather types include: * Pastel short feathers: Appox 6cm-10cm long * White large feathers 24pcs: Approx 17cm-20cm long * Spotted small feathers: Approx 8cm-10cm long * Colourful Spotted small feathers: Approx 8cm-10cm long * Natural coloured feathers (yellow,brown,orange,black): Approx 9cm-11cm long * Colourful small feathers 50pcs: Approx 6cm-10cm long * Colourful medium feathers: Approx 10cm-12cm long * Colourful large feathers: Approx 18cm-20cm long * Colourful extra large feathers 12pcs: Approx 27cm-30cm long

These feathers have been washed and are free from contamination of manure, soil and plant material.

This value pack of assorted feathers is part of the Craft Workshop brand, giving a wide selection of craft supplies for all ages.

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